“Le Hip Hop Sur Ecoute” lui rendais déjà hommage à l’époque :

Tribute To Nate Dogg – The Best Hooks In The Game (mixed by matic) by stylematic

[01] Str8 West Coast Remix

[02] Time’s Up

[03] Like This

[04] Here Comes Another Hit

[05] Space Boogie

[06] Can’t Deny It

[07] Multiply

[08] The Streets (Re-Twist)

[09] Never Enough

[10] What We Do

[11] MLK

[12] Gangsta Nation

[13] The Set Up

[14] Area Codes

[15] Yo’ Sassy Ways

[16] Thugs Get Lonely Too

[17] Too Much

[18] Where I Wanna Be

[19] Warriors Part 2

[20] I Need A Bitch

[21] Lay Low

[22] A L’Ancienne

[23] The Hardest Mutha Fuckaz

24] 100 Miles And Runnin

[25] Shake That

[26]Smokin Smokin Weed

[27] Holiday

[28] Can’t Be Faded

[29] Ghetto Millionaire

[30] What We Gonna Do

[31] Connected

[32] My Name Is

[33] So Fly

[34] Look In My Eyes

[35] Xxplosive

[36] Real Soon

[37]Hey Y’all

[38] Boss Life

[39] Bitch Please II

[40] Him Or Me

[41] Real Pimp

[42] 21 Questions

[43] From Long Beach 2 Brick City

[44] Bitches Ain’t Shit

[45] Have A Party

[46] Somebody Like Me

[47] ‘Till I Collapse

[48] Been A Long Time

[49] Ooh Wee

[50] Oh No

[51] Black Mercedes

[52] The Next Epsiode

[53] Nobody Does It Better

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Liens Youtube en 4 parties avec les pochettes et la tracklist détaillée :

source : http://lehiphopsurecoute.wordpress.com/2010/06/04/tribute-to-nate-dogg-the-best-hooks-in-the-game/

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  1. by da della

    Tribute à Nate DOGG avec un CONCERT exceptionnel de THA DOGG POUND le Dimanche 3 AVRIL au CABARET SAUVAGE 20H.
    Une partie des recettes sera reversée à la Nate DOGG foundation, crée par Snoop Dogg.

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