Raphael Saadiq has teamed up with American Express and Spin magazine to raise money for Roots of Music (ROM)- an organization that teaches kids in New Orleans to play music and ensures the musical and brass band origins of the city.   Marching bands have always been an integral part of New Orleans middle schools, but since Hurricane Katrina, most schools no longer offer music programs.   The program provides music education in history, theory, instrumental instruction and ensemble performance  as well as meals for the kids.  Every time someone views Raphael Saadiq’s backstage pass video on Spin.com, American Express will donate $1 to ROM- so be sure to check it out.      http://www.spin.com/backstagepass/raphael-saadiq/index.html

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  • DJ Just Dizle – Mademoiselle Party (Promo Video Mix)
    DJ Just Dizle – Mademoiselle Party (Promo Video Mix)

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