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I’m gonna take a pause in the midst of school, work and ”life” and present to you a young, Swedish producer that goes by the name of Max I million. This dude makes sick beats! He gives me that old school vibe and puts a futuristic twist to it, that virgin type vibe, bringing the innocence of real music to life. Music that hasn’t yet been molested by “hip hop” influences of the 21st century even though he started his producing career as late as in 2006.


I’m predicting that it won’t be too long until he gets the recognition that he deserves. Big names in the industry has already shown appreciation of his skills by including themselves on his mixtape called Maxtape that will be released this summer. Featuring artists, just to name a few, are Craig G from legendary Juice Crew and Prolifical who’s worked with Little Brother, Oddisee and Planet Asia.

The song “I Try” is a result of Max’s fresh beats combined with the fly flow by American westcoast based rapper Anterluz. Here’s a sneak peak on what to expect from the Maxtape.

Max I million feat. Anterluz Song – I Try

Max on Myspace:

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