Hello all my fellow peeps at StreetBlogger!

It’s been a while. You don’t remember me?

I was interviewed a year ago by great Big Ad whom you’re already familiar with since he’s deeply infiltrated in the StreetBlogger crew. We spoke about my music “career” and my plans for the future. Little did we both know I was to end up here blogging side by side with him and others. It is my pleasure to have ended up here and I’m looking forward to updating you guys about the urban culture that we have to offer in little, chilly, but yet warm blooded ,Sweden.

The plan for me was to start blogging a few weeks ago. And my plan was to offer you a very exclusive track from a greatly talented MC and beatmaker who’s been in the game since the late 90’s. But as we all know musicians (me included) don’t have structure in their lives, so his promise to actually send me the track that was to be presented, hasn’t yet been completed! We’ll see what happens.

For now. Have you seen this Canadian guy that works magic with his sampler?

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