Lors du concert des Beatnuts j’ai été en contact avec de nouvelles personnes dont Suspect (dont l’interview a précédée celle ci) : c’est maintenant au tour de DEL. Ce dernier a plus une touche soul et blues. Allons à sa rencontre.

Del could you introduice yourself ?

Eah, what’s up, I’m (Supa Soul) DEL coming to play live in Paris at the Batofar, me and Daz Ini gonna put it down, supporting the Beatnuts, it’s gonna be hot hot hot.

Where do you come from ?

I’m coming from London, I’m being doing my thing. I’m here with the lovely Anna, and Daz , I’ve met some cool people you know, and where going to put it down.

For how long do ya make Hip-Hop ?

Really I’m a singer, I’m loving Hip Hop since like maybe 88, my first kind of Hip-Hop things where people like Big Daddy Kane, and Tribe Call Quest and then Nas, Jay-Z got lots of influences.

When was the first time you become a singer ? I grew up singing. At church, at school, just keep singing. The first time i really remember singing I was 6 years old.

Have you got some projects right now ?

Right now i’m working on a new project with a guy call Becka and a guy call Milf from London :

in the mean time I’ve got my CD WAITIN 4 2MORO which is available from my myspace : http://www.myspace.com/mysoulosophy

What are your influences ?

My main influences are people like George Clinton, PFunk from Funkadelyk, and Prince, D-Angelo, I’ve got a lot of influences from people like Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Rage against the Machine because I also play Guitar, so there is a lots of different influences, James Brown, stuff from the sixties like the Motown Reccord, people like Marvin Gaye… so lots of things.

Voici quelques photos de Del live (prise lors de la 1iere partie des Beatnuts avec Daz-Ini et Dj Suspect)

Pour découvrir ses influences et son talent, le mieux est de l’écouter : pour cela RDV sur le myspace de DEL : http://www.myspace.com/mysoulosophy

The Beat goes on and on! Peace
Interview réalisé le 08/05/2008 par Dany aka Rastaiam pour www.streetblogger.fr

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